The Top 3 Health and Fitness Myths You Need to Ignore!

There’s a lot of myths and hearsay when it comes to looking after your health and fitness. Some of them are silly, some of them are just innocent mistakes that are born out of simple assumptions.

But there are others which are genuinely detrimental and can do lasting damage to you and your long-term health & fitness ambitions. Lets highlight 3 of the biggest culprits!

1) The less you eat, the more weight you’ll lose.

This is one of the oldest myths around, born from calorie controlled diets. The critical thing here is to a certain extent, it’s true. If you take in less energy than you expend, you’ll make up the shortfall by using bodyfat. However the problem is that it can be taken to extremes.

Say you are an average woman looking to lose some extra pounds, your daily calorie intake should be around 2000 in order to maintain your weight. So you decide to cut down to around 1600-1700 cals per day in order to make a calorie deficit and lose weight. The first week you lose some weight, great! Surely if I take in even fewer calories, my weight loss will be even bigger? WRONG! This will confuse your metabolism and cause it to slow so that the calories you do take in will be stored because your body thinks you are starving. Coupled with this is an increase in the stress hormone cortisol which also encourages weight gain. Pretty soon your weight loss will stall and you’ll lose faith, the classic “yo-yo” diet. It can then take months for your metabolism to recover, during this time you’ll probably gain back all the weight you lost, plus a few pounds extra.

There is a “sweet-spot” for calorie intake when you are trying to lose weight. You need to cut out enough to encourage your body to lose fat, but also enough so that your metabolism is happy to go along with you. It’s a delicate balance and one which needs to be constantly monitored. So be careful the next time you see “lose 15lbs in 7 days!”, it’s a trap that can lead to more harm than good.

2) Carbs are bad for you

Atkins, the most ridiculous of all fad diets has a lot to answer for. This “revolution” started a new cult of people who believed that carbohydrates, in all their forms, were the work of the devil.

The truth? Carbs, be they derived from breads, cereals, rice, pasta, vegetables or fruits, are essential to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. They are the human body’s primary source of energy because your body finds them very easy to assimilate and turn into glycogen (your body’s energy “currency”). They are the major component of a normal diet and are used to build lean muscle tissue (protein only maintains muscle, its doesn’t build it), what gets lost in translation is that good quality carbs are what is needed. So avoid white bread and eat wholegrain, have smaller amounts of pasta, avoid processed cereals and have rolled oats instead.

A balanced mix of good carbs, proteins and fats ensures your diet is functioning properly, eliminating a food group is madness. Oh and by the way, the Atkins diet has been proved to be a simply a fancy calorie control diet, you think you’re eating more because it’s all meat and eggs but this same protein diminishes your appetite and overall daily intake. Good? Maybe, but it got all the same problems I mentioned in point 1. It’s basically the low-fat diet fad from the 1980’s. Proof that there really is money in old rope!

3) Eating late at night makes you gain weight

I love this one because it’s based on zero scientific evidence and it’s managed to become a sort of dietary boogie-man. “Ooohhh, as soon as 6pm arrives I can’t eat or terrible changes will occur!”, when I hear this I feel like I’m watching the movie Gremlins (“The most important rule of all, no matter how much he cries, no matter how much he begs, never, never feed him after midnight.”)?!

The truth: Calorie intake is measured over a 24 hour period, not “when you are awake”, you also burn a lot of cals when you are asleep as this is when your body repairs itself from your day’s exertions. Your weight loss or gain is determined by factors far more important than what the time is, total calories consumed and activity levels being the two main ones. Plus, going to bed hungry every night is soul-destroying and means you are far less likely to maintain good nutritional habits. So if you are hungry at 9pm, EAT! Just make a sensible, healthy choice.

So there you have it, ignore these myths and you’ll give yourself a much better chance of achieving your goals.

The real truth is that a balanced, healthy diet coupled with a good exercise program is all you need. No controversy, no gimmicks, no fuss.

Enjoy your health


How To Be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, Part Five – Beginning The Road To Perfect Health

Although “health” normally describes the wellness of your physical body, having good health should encompass your whole state of being. Therefore the road to perfect health should be the one that aims to bring the mind, body and spirit into balance and in total harmony with each other.

What do we mean by this statement? There are universal laws, which say that for every state of being there is an opposite, and it is also equal and opposite. For every up there is a down, for every front there is a back, for every top there is a bottom. For your health and mental state there is strong / weak, positive / negative, ecstatic / miserable, stressed / relaxed, sensitive / indifferent, etc.

In between these extremes is a scale of movement from one to the other, and in the middle it is neither one nor the other. Imagine there is an imaginary scale denoting where you are between any of these two extremes. At the middle point you have the advantage of being aware of both, for there is no real benefit in being either. For instance you are only strong in relation to when you are weak, fast to your slow. All these states do not really exist as they are only comparisons. Strong, compared to who? They are but different extremes of your potential to be. The only real ideal place for you to be is at the center. This is where happiness is, because this is where we have the ability to be flexible, weather the storm, go with the flow, cope with crud; so as long as the stimulus is only temporary your life will return to normality because everything also has a rhythm and the swings towards one extreme will eventually return towards the other.

This also allows for movement either way, for life has its great moments as well as upsetting times. If you are normally in a balanced state then when you experience any of these setbacks your body has reserves to call on, and you will be able to recover to normality more quickly. This is so true for mind, body and spirit, and if you succeed in bringing balance and harmony to these areas of your life you will experience both a feeling of contentment and bliss that will enrich your life with health, wealth and wisdom.

Realize that every state is basically only the way you perceive it, you can turn any situation from a minus to a plus purely by changing the way you look at it. If something appears to be a little bit bad, turn it round and make it a little bit good.

The harmony between mind, body and spirit is a lifelong task and one that should be taken seriously. It is no good having a healthy body if you have neglected your mental attitude or denied the existence of your higher self. When we appreciate the importance of harmony in the body we enter a stage of progression and advancement that is man’s universal quest. This quest for growth in all aspects of our lives is what living is all about. If you are not progressing then you are regressing or dying in some way.

Focus on making small improvements to your life every day and accept no thoughts of any excuses for not wanting to improve yourself in some way every day.

For a healthy body exercise your muscles to keep you mobile, remove toxins and improve your posture. Have good eating habits to supply the nutrients your body requires to work efficiently, for food is not just calories but contains the chemicals required to ensure physical balance in your body and brain.

For a healthy mind, fill it with positive thoughts of how you want your life be. Write down your dreams and think passionately about how you will feel when they become a reality. Ignore any previous beliefs that will cause conflict with your new thoughts and affirmations of a happy and prosperous life.

Harmony in your body means recognizing the importance of giving equal attention to all aspects of your being. Give some time every day to the advancement of that part of you which is not in harmony. Consider the fact that you may have even totally ignored a part of mind body or spirit as being unimportant or unnecessary.

The sooner you begin to take responsibility for your growth and advancement the sooner you will find life will take on a new meaning, and a new sense of purpose. Most of us think that learning and thinking is only for when we are young and when we start work we can put all that behind us. Try to rekindle your enthusiasm to learn, but this time focus on thinking about yourself and how you can improve mind, body and spirit. By doing so, you will be an example to everyone around you. You will begin to exude an air of confidence and a passion for life that will bring you happiness that you may never have thought possible. In this way you will attract people who are thinking with a similar attitude, and by associating more with these new friends you will obtain more encouragement and less negativity.

Try to understand how each part of your mind, body and spirit works, and how they interact with each other to form your personality. Your mind, or to be more specific your conscious mind is where all your senses are experienced. This part of you has the ability to think and reason. This is where your free will lies, and you use it to accept or reject any idea. All your pleasure, pain or limitations start in your conscious mind.

When you approve a thought it is impressed on your spirit or sub-conscious mind, which is the power center of your being. It operates in every cell of your body and it receives accepted thoughts from your conscious mind as truth. It is important to understand this concept. It has no ability to decide whether a thought is true or false. The thought is accepted unconditionally. Any thought which your conscious mind continually imposes on your sub-conscious mind will become part of your personality.

Your physical body is the vehicle your mind and soul uses to achieve an end result. It uses the thoughts made or accepted by your conscious mind, which have been impressed upon your sub-conscious mind, and turns them into a behavior or action. This action taken by the body brings about the final result for those initial thoughts.

Once we understand how all areas of your being work together it becomes logical how our thoughts influence our personality and who we are. To be totally happy we must work on harmonizing mind body and spirit so that we can achieve the dreams we want.

Your first step is to make a conscious change of mindset. Don’t wait for someone to take you by the hand and show you way, as that day might never come. Take responsibility now. Believe you can do it and that you have a passion to learn. Find a mentor who can help you, someone who is already where you want to go. They can be someone you know, or read an autobiography or listen to a CD. Learn what they know or have done in their life. Autobiographies can give you an insight into the mindset and way of thinking of successful people. These people are not different to you or me, they have just learnt how to grow and direct their thoughts to a reach their goal.

Become more open minded about what you learn. Be accepting that what successful people will tell you is fact, and that if you follow their way of thinking, using the skills you possess, you will be successful too. Don’t let ignorance hold you back. An old belief may be restricting you from achieving your true potential. You have the ability to change. Believe you can be better in every way and start today. Give it attention every day and little by little you will become changed permanently.

You are blessed with the most amazing ability to do and become anything you think about. Believe you are no different to your heroes. Never doubt that you can do it. If you have any old beliefs of not being able to able to do anything, remember that by consistent conscious daily thought impressed upon your subconscious you will gradually replace your old beliefs with new ones which will direct you on your path to success. Success and prosperity in all areas of your life is not luck. Focus on what you want and you will begin realize its possibility. Never let anyone persuade you otherwise for they may not have the will to succeed like you have. I want you to push aside the barriers of doubt and have confidence in yourself to become healthy, wealthy and wise.

Follow this advice, focus on your goal and never be distracted by anything or anyone. Make it your daily way of life and dreams will become a reality.

How to Determine the Good Health of Your Dog

Your pet dog has become part of your family, and as such you certainly want to ensure that he is always in good health. But just how do you determine the good health of your dog? This is one crucial question as you can prevent many illnesses with early detection.

Here are some practical tips in determining the health condition of your dog:

  • The normal temperature for dogs is within the range of 100 to 102. If his temperature falls out of this range, either lower or higher, you must consult with his veterinarian. To get the temperature of your dog, you can insert the thermometer rectally.
  • His pulse rate should anywhere between 70-120 beats per minute. The younger your dog, the faster his heart rate will be. However, if your dog is in tip top shape, his pulse rate should be closer to 70 than the 120 beats per minute.

These are two variables that when determined can help a lot in maintaining the good health of your dog. In order to ensure that these two variables maintain their normal average, your dog should get his recommended nutrients as well as he should exercise just as you and the other family members would.

If you want your dog to live longer, pay close attention to his nutrition and health. Showing him some tender love and care will also help a lot in maintaining his good health condition. Dogs are more like humans. What you do to ensure your good health can also be applied to how you are going to take care of your pet.

Why is Vitamin E Critical For Promoting Good Health?

Adding vitamin E to your diet just may add years to your life! For decades scientific studies have proven that vitamin E is not only essential but effective in promoting longevity of life and long-term good health. lt’s no wonder that people are embracing the antioxidant power of daily E, which is known to support a healthy cardiovascular system, healthy immune function, and younger looking skin.

By protecting cell membranes and blood lipids against oxidative damage, vitamin E supports healthy blood circulation, normal cholesterol levels, healthy cellular activity, optimal eye health, normal blood sugar levels, and more!

There is growing scientific evidence that suggests the recommended daily dosage of vitamin E of 30 IU is too low to protect your body against free-radicals and oxidants or to promote optimal health benefits. Many scientists now believe the Recommended Daily Intake of vitamin E for good health should be as high as 400 IU per day. Numerous studies have shown that a daily intake in excess 30 IU provides the best protective benefits! You need to bear in mind that illnesses, pollution, exercise and medications all increase the need for vitamin E in your body.

Studies have shown that the components of natural vitamin E are stored in your system twice as long than synthetic combined vitamin E and result in longer-lasting benefits.

There is a great deal of evidence for taking vitamin E and its multi-targeted phytonutrient power Scientific studies have shown that a diet rich in vitamin E may:
o Stimulate immune response
o Regulate cellular metabolism. It is absolutely essential for the health of cellular membrane and mitochondrial metabolism.
o It prevents the creation of nitrosamines, which alters in healthy cell growth.
o It inhibits selenium and protect vitamin A from breaking down in the body.
o Regulate the natural bio-chemicals that constrict smooth muscles and control platelet clumping,
o Last but least it protects your cell membranes from attack by free radicals.

With benefits like these, you’ll want to get the best natural vitamin E supplement on the market, GNLD Vitamin E Plus. it is the only whole-food sourced Vitamin E which provides all eight natural E family members in a unique, water-miscible formula. Visit our website at for more information.