How to Determine the Good Health of Your Dog

Your pet dog has become part of your family, and as such you certainly want to ensure that he is always in good health. But just how do you determine the good health of your dog? This is one crucial question as you can prevent many illnesses with early detection.

Here are some practical tips in determining the health condition of your dog:

  • The normal temperature for dogs is within the range of 100 to 102. If his temperature falls out of this range, either lower or higher, you must consult with his veterinarian. To get the temperature of your dog, you can insert the thermometer rectally.
  • His pulse rate should anywhere between 70-120 beats per minute. The younger your dog, the faster his heart rate will be. However, if your dog is in tip top shape, his pulse rate should be closer to 70 than the 120 beats per minute.

These are two variables that when determined can help a lot in maintaining the good health of your dog. In order to ensure that these two variables maintain their normal average, your dog should get his recommended nutrients as well as he should exercise just as you and the other family members would.

If you want your dog to live longer, pay close attention to his nutrition and health. Showing him some tender love and care will also help a lot in maintaining his good health condition. Dogs are more like humans. What you do to ensure your good health can also be applied to how you are going to take care of your pet.